First TOROS Workshop


The first TOROS workshop will take place on 27-28 June 2013 at the Universidad Nacional de Salta, located in the city of Salta, capital of the homonymous province in northwestern Argentina.

The purpose of the workshop is two-fold: (1) to discuss issues related to instrumentation requirements, data reduction pipelines, storage and processing, and strategies for follow-up of gravitational wave events and post-processing of transient observations; (2) to discuss the scientific implications of the first GW detections and outline the immediate questions that could be addressed with electromagnetic follow-up observations of these events and transients of astrophysical relevance in general.

We expect this to be a small workshop with some limitations for seating. There will be no registration fees, and participants will need to bear their own costs.

The Martín Miguel de Güemes Airport, located 6 kilometers southwest of the city, has regular flights to Buenos Aires, and Córdoba which are the two major international airports in Argentina. If flying to Buenos Aires, please notice that regional flights depart from the Jorge Newbery airport (Aeroparque), while the main international airport in Buenos Aires is Ezeiza.

Registration can be done following the link here. The meeting will take place in Aula Virtual of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas de la Universidad Nacional de Salta located on Bolivia Av. 5150, in the Castañares campus.


The program can checked at this link: Program



Av. Ejército del Norte 330 – Tel +54-387-4323030 0387-4323000

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USD 119+ 21% tax for single rooms, and USD 129+ 21%tax for double rooms. Includes Gym and Breakfast.

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USD 130 + tax  Single.

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Amerian Salta Hotel - Santa Fe Nº 159 – Tel: +54-387-4210693, 0387-154 447551

Ayres de Salta Hotel - Gral. Guemes 650 – Tel: +54-387-4315050 0387-4221616

Gran Hotel Presidente - Av. Belgrano 353 – Tel: +54-0800 888 0404 0387-4312023 0387-4312022

Hotel Casa Real - Mitre 669 – Tel: +54-387-4219496 0387-4212200

Hotel Salta - Buenos Aires Nº 1 – Tel: +54-387-4267500

Delvino Boutique Hotel - Ameghino 555 - Reservations +54- 0810-810-0002

Altos de Balcarce - Balcarce 747 -  Tel: +54-387-4315454

Crillon hotel -  Ituzaingó 30 – Tel: +54-387-4220400 0387-4220191

Ghala hotel - Lerma 184 -  Tel: +54-387-4214141

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Wilson hotel - Alvarado 950 – Tel: +54-387-4228337 0387-4312211

Victoria Plaza - Zuviría Nº 16 – Tel: +54-387-4310634 0387-4318500


Salta, Argentina,

June 27 and 28, 2013

Salta is located near the tropics but June is the start of the southern winter. Temperatures range from as high as 20 C around noon to nearly 0 C at night. Nicknamed Salta la Linda ("Salta the beautiful"), the city has become a major tourist destination thanks to its colonial architecture, friendliness towards visitors, excellent weather and the breathtaking scenery of the valleys to the west. Some of the best high-altitude Malbec wineries are located in this area.




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